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Two years ago, someone suggested to me that I go gluten free after having some of the symptoms shared by others. Since this I've been trying to eliminate it from my diet, adapting my recipes to accommodate this new lifestyle. I'm in a much better place with the gluten free diet now, as there is quite a range of gluten free food available now. I'm no longer jealous of my gluten eating boyfriend and the food he eats as I don't notice the difference!

I decided to start a blog to share the recipes I know and love with some of you suffering the same intolerance and hopefully discover some new ones along the way. I've learned so much from my favourite online reads that I can only hope to help someone else by chronicling my gluten free food adventures!

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  1. My 16 year old daughter had her biopsy yesterdy to confirm Coeliac diseas. at the mo we feel at a loss, altough she didnt eat much bread/cereals/pasta/pizza etc. I suppose its like when i go on a weight loss diet i focus on what I cant have.! I have started to look round the inernet for inspiration and fb friends. glad I found you and your recipe. Thanks.x Kay