Spinach & Ricotta Gnocchi

We had this gnocchi for dinner last night and it was just the right meal for a Friday night. It felt a little bit indulgent and was really tasty with the flavour of the 2 different cheeses coming through.It was just what I needed on a Friday night, was a brilliant substitute for a takeaway as well!

My other half made a cheese sauce to go with this, which went quite nicely with it. You've obviously got to be a cheese lover to eat this meal!

This recipe came from the BBC Good Food website, you can find the recipe here. If you would like to know how we made the cheese sauce then I can share this with you too.

I used Doves Farm gluten free plain flour in this recipe instead of standard plain flour. I also used frozen spinach as I have quite a bit to use up in the freezer (I find this easier to use as it keeps really well).

We're going to have a nice relaxing weekend, so I hope that you all are having a good weekend whatever you are doing.


Bacon Wrapped Pesto Chicken Breast and Roasted Vegetables

We both really enjoyed this last night and it was really simple to cook, it didn't take much looking after. The longest bit was the preparation. You could always save time on preparation if you're pushed for time, by getting a packet of pre-chopped vegetables from the supermarket.

Serves 2

2 Chicken  Breasts, sliced down the middle to form a pocket
4 rashers of streaky bacon
2 Tbsp Pesto Light Soft Cheese (I bought this for £0.90 from Asda, but it's currently showing for £0.80 on asda.com (use enough to stuff the chicken)
1/2 Butternut Squash, peeled and diced
1 Medium Courgette, diced
1 Red Onion, sliced
1/2 tablespoon mixed herbs
Olive Oil


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 200 C.
  2. Stuff each chicken breast with the Pesto Cheese, then wrap with 2 rashers of bacon. You can use cocktail sticks to secure.
  3. Fry the chicken in a frying pan for a couple of minutes until the bacon is browned slightly.
  4. Place on a baking tray.
  5. Put the chopped vegetables in a baking tray. drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle the mixed herbs on top. 
  6. Place the meat and vegetables in the oven for 30 minutes. Stir the vegetables half way through and cook until soft. Check the chicken is cooked through and juices are running clear before serving.


Broccoli and Blue Cheese Soup

As this is soup week for myself and Rob, one of the first soups on the list this week was Broccoli and Stilton Soup. This is one of our favourites, so we were looking forward to this. 

We doubled the quantities, as were going to freeze some soups to eat a later date. You can find the recipe that I used here from the BBC Good Food website.

It's not the first time I've used this recipe and it's definitely one I'll be using again. Instead of Stilton, I did use Castello Danish Blue Cheese as this was on offer for £1.00 for 150 g from Asda (when I bought it on 19/10/13).

Please also remember to use gluten free stock cubes, I normally use Knorr.

I urge you to give this a try, it doesn't take too long to cook and is nice a comforting on those cold nights!


Meal Plan 20/10/13 - 26/10/13

We're trying to eat more soups this week, as it's getting colder now and we are trying to keep the calories down a little. I'm also trying to make extra food so that we can freeze it as well, so that next week we won't have as much to make.

There is an extra meal being made this week, for the simple fact that I bought a marked down cooked chicken from Morrisons and decided to make a soup out of the rest (got to love home made chicken soup!)

Meal Plan 20/10/13 - 26/10/13

Leek, Bacon, Mushroom & Spinach Soup
Polish Sausage Soup
Chicken  Soup
 Broccoli and Stilton Soup
Spiced Carrot and Lentil Soup
Chicken Noodle Soup
Pesto Cheese, bacon wrapped chicken with vegetables
Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi

As mentioned above, some of the above will be used for meals for next week.

Breakfast: Cereal, Eggs, Bacon, Fruit
Lunch: Tuna Mayo / Egg & Bacon Sandwiches, Leftovers
Snacks: Bananas, Clementines
Leftovers:  Onions, Eggs, Lentils, Spinach, Rice noodles, Cereal, Flour

Milk £1.00
Organic Cornflakes £1.48
Bananas - 1.65 kg £1.12
Oranges (Smart Price) £0.60
Apples £1.00
Peppers £1.00
GF Bread £1.75
Broccoli (0.88 kg) £1.76
Celery £0.89
Potatoes £1.18
Frozen Peas £1.60
Butter £1.00
2 * Castello Blue Cheese 150 g £2.00
Garlic £0.30
Bovril Stock Cubes £0.92
1.2 kg Carrots £1.00
Shredded Kale 200g £0.95
Root Ginger - 0.045 kg £0.09
Frozen Sweetcorn £1.40
Mushrooms £0.79
Spring Onions £0.50
Mint £0.70
Chicken Fillets £3.79
Leeks £1.00
Smoked Middle Bacon £1.40
Lemons £1.00
2 x 4 Ski Yoghurt £2.00
Half Swede £0.61
Parsnip £0.33
Mature Cheddar Cheese £2.00
Chicken (Morrisons - marked down) £2.45
Natural Yoghurt £0.59
Low Fat Pesto Cheese £0.90
Parsley £0.70
Ricotta £1.00
Rocket £0.69
Kabanos £4.00
Butternut Squash - 1.14 kg £1.08
Courgette £0.52
2 * Sweetcorn £1.20
Red Onion £0.13
Tuna (2 * 400 g) £3.00

Total £51.42