Prawn Tempura

I tried my hand at prawn tempura recently and it turned out pretty successful. I did however have a slight accident with the oil and succeeded in burning myself. Anyone who knows me will know how clumsy I am, so the other half did have to take over this half way. 

The original recipe I used was from the BBC Food website here

I did make a few changes to this recipe to make it gluten free:

  • I swapped the plain flour for plain gluten free flour
  • Instead of beer I used cider, as this is what I had in the house. You can of course you gluten free beer if you have this available.
  • I also used gluten free soy sauce.
I found the batter a little too loose, so I added a bit of extra flour to mine. It's definitely one I will be trying again. 

Leftover Beef Chilli with Thornleys Chilli Con Carne Mix

I was nicely sent some Thornleys Gluten Free Sauce mixes to try out, you can see their website here.  We went on a bike ride yesterday, so by the time it came to dinner time we were pretty tired and didn't really feel like cooking much.

We'd previously bought a fairly large brisket (I think it was about 1.4 kg raw), we slow cooked the joint and had some as part of a dinner with some vegetables on Sunday. I was happy to have the Thornleys Chilli Con Carne mix on hand. It was easy to use and I loved the flavours in it. It was also just around the right amount of spice for me, although the other half likes things a bit spicier so did add some extra to his.

We basically followed the instructions on the packet, the only change we made was that we subbed the minced beef for 400 g of cooked beef brisket. Aside from the beef, you only need a tin of chopped tomatoes and a tin of kidney beans. I did add a fried onion mine as well.


Meal Plan 22/09/13 - 28/09/13

Were not at work this coming week, so I've left 2 nights free as were hopefully eating at one of the family's house one night and then we are also wanting to go out to eat one night. 

Meal Plan 22/09/13 - 28/09/13

Braised Beef Dinner with Vegetables

Leftover Beef Chilli

Fish Cakes & Mushy Peas

Leftover Beef Stir Fry

Mackerel, Fine Beans & Fried Cherry Tomatoes

Shopping List:

Bananas (11 - 2.26 kg) £1.54
Clementines £1.75
Bran Flakes 1 kg £1.94
Organic Gluten Free Cornflakes £1.48
12 Free Range Eggs £1.98
Butter £2.00
Brisket £10.00
Onions £1.00
Mixed Beans £0.62
Chopped Tomatoes x 3 £0.93
4 x Carrots £0.41
Broccoli £0.60
Courgettes £1.00
Kidney Beans £0.27
Gluten Free Bread £1.75
Bread £1.50
2 x Stir Fry Sauces (from B&M) £0.58
Stir Fry Vegetables £1.00
Smoked Mackerel £3.00
Fine Beans 90 g £0.50
Red Onions £1.00
Feta Cheese £1.50
Milk £1.00
Cherry Tomatoes £1.00
Olive Oil 1 lt £4.00
String Beans £1.00
Cavolo Nero Cabbage £1.00

Total £44.35

All of the above prices were correct on 22/09/13

Breakfast: Cereal, Fruit, Toast, Eggs

Lunch: Egg / Tuna Mayonnaise , Leftovers

Snacks: Bananas, Clementines

Leftovers: Frozen vegetables, Baked Beans, Frozen Peas, Fish Cakes, Bacon, Tuna, Tinned Fruit, Free From Cous Cous, Frozen Chicken