Easy Thai prawn curry

We love Thai curry in our house, they have a really good flavour and a bit of heat. Though I must admit, my boyfriend tends to like a LOT of heat in his. He actually cooked this one today and it was a bit too hot for me. It had lots of flavour, was quick and easy and I would definitely recommend it.

I think the heat of red Thai curry paste does vary dependant upon which one you use (correct me if I am wrong), but the one that we used was a little too hot with 2 teaspoons. Next time we will be using just 1 teaspoon. 

This was filling enough on its own, but I think the next time we make this, I might add some vegetables to it to bulk it out a little bit. Plus there's nothing wrong with trying to eat more veg! 

The recipe I used is here.


Oh my god dinner

I found this recipe after watching BBC breakfast on Saturday, after seeing Jack from http://agirlcalledjack.com talking about eating on £1 per day. They were also discussing the Live Below The Line UK challenge. It does make you think about how lucky those of us are who don't have to budget to such an extent. 

I've also put a couple of her recipes on this weeks meal plan to try them out, as the recipes do look delicious! 

I was really impressed with the flavour and textures in this pasta dish. Definitely something I would have again and to be honest I REALLY love brie. It's one of my favourite cheeses. 

The recipe I used is here , but I did make some changes to this recipe as my budget is not quite as low:
  • Spaghetti was gluten free
  • I used 250 g of spaghetti in the recipe and I didn't break the pasta before boiling
  • I used around 80 g of brie
  • We had some leftover chicken to used, so chopped the meat from one chicken leg and put this in towards the end of cooking.
  • We're also a huge fan of garlic in this house, so we did also use 2 garlic cloves.
  • I added a glug of olive oil to the pan with the spaghetti just before serving, when the spaghetti was off the heat.


Meal Plan 28/04/13 - 04/05/13

As we've ended up eating out twice this last week, we've actually got some leftovers from last week to use up still. So we're going to have the remaining food from last week and a few extras. As we're not eating at home one day this week, there'll be some more leftovers that we'll probably take into the following meal plan too.

Meal Plan 28/04/13 - 04/05/13

Cod in chorizo sauce with vegetables (leftover from last week)

Easy Thai prawn curry with rice

Carrot, cumin & kidney bean burger served with quinoa feta salad

Oh My God dinner 

Jacket potatoes and chilli (leftover from last week)

Brie, spinach & mushroom frittata

Shopping List

Smoked Bacon (leftover bacon from 2 for £4 deal from Asda) £2.00
Butter (1 kg) £2.00
Dried pitted black olives £0.95
Sliced green beans ( 2 kg) £1.00
Loose bananas (10 approx 1.535 kg) £1.04
2 lemons & 2 limes £1.00
Jumbo prawns £3.00
Diced chicken 500 g £3.00
Chestnut mushrooms £1.00
Living mint £1.00
Warburton loaf £1.50
GF bread £2.45
Garlic £0.30
Eggs 18 £1.63
Haslet (reduced item) £0.49
Tinned tomatoes £0.31
Dliced pork and pastrami (2 for £3 offer) £3.00
Wafer thin ham £0.50
1 carrot (0.150 kg) £0.14
1 red onion £0.12
Salad tomatoes £0.50
Vine tomatoes £1.25
French brie (0.222) £1.33
1 courgette (0.215 kg) £0.41
Coconut cream £1.00
Kidney beans £0.27
Tangerine £1.00
4 pints milk £1.49
Barrel aged feta £2.00
Ground cumin £0.95
4 apples (0.745 kg) £1.45

Total  £38.08

Unless stated otherwise, all of the above were bought from Morrisons on 27/04/13

Leftovers from the previous week and store cupboard: onions, chorizo, spaghetti, cornflakes, porridge oats, rice, spinach, cod, peas, Thai red curry paste.

Breakfast: Cornflakes, porridge
Lunch: Sandwiches, griddled chicken and quinoa salad
Snacks: Apples, bananas and tangerines